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Guidelines to Network Cabling

The job of data cable engineering has changed and grown substantially over the last twenty years, and in order to be successful it needs to be done intelligently. The correct cables and pieces have to be chosen for the networks and at the same time these components need to be cost effective. The following is a guide to help navigate the process of being successful in network cabling.

The whole process must be contemplated, from A to Z, when you are involved in cabling. Universal standards must be observed and understood if you are a data cabling engineer. You should be cognizant of building codes and laws, and understand the limits that these may put on your network. Computers, routers, modems, copy machines/printers, etc are all a part of this vast network.

In order to be effective as a data network engineer you need to understand and comprehend the terminology including, capacitance, cross talk, resistance, attenuation, bandwidth, impedance, and many more. It is also extremely important to become skilled at documenting the whole procedure, so that you know where everything is at all times and there is accountability.

To be more efficient, productive, and profitable, here are some tips that have been gathered from cabling professionals after years in the field.

- As a rule of thumb, remembering that networks only grow in their complexity is important.

- Data and voice cabling need to be a part of the same system.

- It is always possible that the network will need to be expanded, so always provide extra cable in the system to foresee this eventuality.

- Abide by all standards when creating a new network.

- The network must never be compromised by a failure in the cabling that you installed, so always use the highest quality components.

- The price of a product does not always coincide with it's quality in this business. Do ample research of all of your products before you purchase them. There are different prices for products in all different categories of cabling. Check each manufacturer for it's track record on each product.

- A good Cabling engineer is one that is not seen or heard from after a job, much like the cable they install. One botched job may follow you around the rest of your career, so it's important learn each new technique and be aware of all new technologies.

- Always follow the progress of new technologies, and be ready to implement them as soon as they are proven in the field.

- You never know if and when you will need to go back and tweak a system you previously installed, so it's very important to document and keep detailed drawings of all of your networks.

- If it is a possibility, you should try to start running your network during the initial construction, and speak with the builders about creating a suitably sized network room, so you will have a home base on the site.

The following are some guidelines for those looking to hire a data cabling engineer for a new network setup:

- To make sure that your cabling engineer has all the qualifications required, and holds the highest standards, ask for specific job references, do research on his reputation and also make sure he is using the best quality components.

- Know up front what the overall requirements your network has and what standards needed to be met for your project.

- It's important that you take the lead on making sure all of these standards are met by your cabling engineer, because you are the one that will be held accountable.

Hire an expert that has a clear plan for the data cable termination, because this ties the whole project together and is the most important part of the process.


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