Keyboard Assemblies


Areas of Expertise


Pear Tech and its solution partners have delivered a wide range of keyboard assemblies. Solutions include:

  • Complete keyboard assemblies
      concept to final assembly
  • Snap dome, membrane or conductive rubber
  • Keys can be molded plastic, molded rubber or metal casting
  • Bezel can be molded plastic, sheet metal or metal castings
  • Flex-tails, with or without connectors
  • On site pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD and MasterCAM design tools
  • ISO 9002 certified factory
  • Warranty on the entire keyboard assembly
  • Backlight of legends or background optional

Solution Partner

  • Laube Technology, Inc. (
    • Laube Technology is a leading supplier of membrane switches and other flexible circuit solutions for the consumer, commercial, industrial and medical markets. Laube provides a quality product at competitive prices. All products are produced in ISO approved facilities.

      Silicon Rubber Keypads continue to be a popular choice for design engineers. By utilizing silk screen printing or in mold decoration for legends and background, virtually any key colors and layout combinations are possible. When properly designed, tactile performance and wear resistance of Silicon Rubber Keypads can rival that of mechanical switches. Tooling cost and piece price is an exceptional value.

      By being involved early on in the design stages of your end product we can offer our unrivaled knowledge to help you determine if Silicon Rubber, as a key switch option, is correct for the application. Our technical sales staff can assist you in providing information that may affect cost and product performance. Our engineering team will review all available documentation during the development of the keypad, to assure that keypad and housing together with the printed circuit board are compatible in fit and performance. We will make certain that as we develop the tooling it conforms to product requirements.


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